The design team at KDS is dedicated to making your kitchen remodel a great experience. We know that your project isn’t just about looks, it’s also about smart planning, quality materials, and trusting the right guide to help you pull it all together. Your new kitchen will be the center of your home. You deserve a well-designed space by experts that not only know and enjoy kitchen design, but also believe that good design changes people’s lives.

​We can’t wait to learn more about your project and how we can design the kitchen of your dreams together.



Kevin is a mindful designer, concerned as much about the beauty of a design as he is about the pragmatism and flow. Kevin’s approach to design is open and explorative, often wrapping himself up in a project until he feels like he can move the puzzle pieces within a space. He is tireless until he finds an elegant solution. As a kitchen designer with over twenty-five years of experience, Kevin has seen trends come and go, but he is most inspired by the timeless art of solving everyday problems that revolutionize and upgrades peoples’ lives. Kevin plays chess every day, enjoys wine tasting, and still loves to wrestle his brothers.


Kitchen Designer

Karen is like a burst of fresh energy anywhere she goes. This exuberant and active mother of two is also a full-time kitchen designer. Karen’s experience in the fast-paced world of advertising while living in London and New York has given her a worldly perspective on design. Always gregarious, positive, and very detailed oriented, Karen is a joy to have on any project. Outside of kitchen design and running to hockey practice for her daughter, Karen enjoys hiking and biking.


Kitchen Designer

Ariana believes in inspiring people with the use of space. She is a highly collaborative designer that enjoys a warm relationship with her clients—ensuring that through design, they are happy by a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and emotion. Ariana has loved interior design since she was a child; whether it was painting her walls a new color, rearranging the furniture, or buying a new bedspread. When choosing a career, she knew she needed to do something that fueled her creative drive. As a residential kitchen designer, Ariana is able to flex her artistic muscles and help families fall in love with their spaces again. Ariana enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends, family, and her two dogs.


Marketing & Operations Fairy

Piat is a creative entrepreneur.  She loves how design transforms people lives, perceptions, and their connections to others.  She has enjoyed working in the design industry in sales and marketing for fifteen years, but ultimately has always delighted in the business of design. She is invigorated by the challenges of marketing a small business and is excited to bring her experiences to KDS. Piat loves colorful costume parties, meditation, and Star Trek.

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What we care about

While KDS values design that elevates lives and quality cabinets, we also cherish the environment and know that resources are not infinite. So, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants trees on every continent where deforestation is most critical.

Together with One Tree Planted, KDS plants thirty trees for every kitchen project that we sell. We’re proud to be a company that is committed to social and environmental responsibility and that each of our clients are part of the global effort.