KDS - Kitchen Design Services

KDS - Kitchen Design Services

KDS - Kitchen Design Services


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Kitchen Design Services

KDS is dedicated to helping you connect with your friends and family through beautiful, mindful design.

We think remodeling your kitchen is more than just new cabinets and appliances. It’s about opening your space for new pathways, connections, and experiences with the people you love. When you upgrade your kitchen, you’re also upgrading your life.

It can be daunting to tackle a kitchen remodel on your own though. We’re here to make the process easier and fun! Our team enjoys transformations and will guide you through design development; provide stylish, custom cabinetry; and will arrive with you on an approachable and elegant solution that you will love.



We love collaborating and engaging with our clients because your excitement and participation are important to us. We believe a strong partnership is essential to a successful project.


  • Space planning and design with photorealistic CAD perspective drawings, a VR experience, and elevations for rooms with cabinetry.
  • Stylish, made-to-order cabinetry with exceptional finishes.
  • Palette and material selection.
  • Resource guidance for project related fields such as: contractors, installers, and interior designers.
  • A warm, friendly, and experienced design team committed to giving you a fantastic kitchen remodel experience.

Collaboration Client Partnership


Our Professional Relationships

KDS also works closely with interior designers, contractors, structural engineers, architects, vendors, and real-estate agents. We have great relationships with these industry professionals and our connections can provide valuable support on most projects.

For clients that provide their own specialists, we offer a seamless and professional partnership to get your project finished and done!

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